Racing at 6°

This past weekend I ran in the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon in Nashua, NH. I originally had planned to run a 10k or something shorter that weekend, but plans changed and I went to visit my sister and brother-in-law earlier. When I heard there was a half marathon in the area, I decided to give it a go. My mileage had been decent and I had done a few good speed workouts since my last half. Plus, this would be my last serious race for a few months. 

I’ll start by saying that it is the prettiest race I’ve ever run. The racecourse is absolutely beautiful. Besides the start and end of the race, it is all on bike paths and nicely groomed trails. It winds past a river for part of it and I even saw some swans!

The weather was another story, though. At the start of the race it was about 20 degrees with 23 mph winds. According to the weather on the internet, it felt like 6° with the windchill– definitely the coldest I’ve raced in before! Luckily, since most of the race was in the woods the wind was not awful. However, I didn’t stick around after the race. Sweat and cold don’t mix well! The award ceremony was cancelled and they gave the prizes out earlier.

My race tactics going into the race were pretty conservative. I knew that my training hadn’t been as good as it normally is before a half and I hadn’t signed up for the race until four days before. My strategy was to go out more slowly and if I still felt good around mile 8 then I would pick it up. The course was pretty flat with a few smaller hills towards the end. Surprisingly, I didn’t start to hurt too bad until mile 11. I even had enough to kick it in the last mile!

me kicking it in at the end of the race

My brother-in-law, Santiago, also raced this weekend. He got a new PR in the 5k. Yeah!

me and Santi after our races

I couldn’t have done it without my great support team. My sister, Justine, and her dog, Rudy, were great support! Thank you so much – especially for putting up with the cold weather!

Santi, Justine, and their adorable dog, Rudy. Can you tell they’re cold?

I would definitely recommend this race to someone for next year. Hopefully it won’t be as cold- – I think the weather was out of the ordinary! Beautiful course, great food afterwards, nice shirts, and I even won a pint glass for my age group place!


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