Run Santa Run!

This morning my friend (Ellie) and I ran in Ri Ra’s Santa 5K in downtown Burlington, VT. Basically, everyone dresses up in Santa suits and runs a 5K that starts and ends on Church St. It’s a blast! Everyone is just there to have a good time, act silly, and get in the holiday spirit. Besides a few people at the front of the race, nobody takes it seriously. People of all shapes, sizes, and ages showed up. I even saw a mom pushing her baby in stroller – they were both dressed up in Santa suits!

Ellie and I pre-race

I ran this race last year and was surprised by the amount of people that turned up for the event. Last year, there were close to 2,000 people in the race and I’m guessing that there was probably more this year. At one point going up Battery Street, I looked back at the other racers and just saw a sea of Santas. It was fantastic!

so many Santas!

I have two mindsets for races. I am either going to race my heart out and go as fast as I can, or I am just going to have a good time. You can probably guess which one this was. My friend goes to a different college than I do, so we don’t see each other as much as we would like. We’ve been running buddies since middle school and it was so much fun to run with her again. 

Ellie and I finishing the race


Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our great supporters. My mom, Judy, and Ellie’s mom, Tammy, were there to cheer us on!

Our wonderful supporters!

There are plenty of Santa runs all over the US. If you like to run, have a good time, and get in the holiday spirit I would definitely recommend this race to you! 


6 thoughts on “Run Santa Run!

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  3. Thanks for posting – I remember Ellie from the Wedding – not only are u both great dancers but also  make for adorable looking Santas!   Luv APat

    Pat Hughes, Realty Co.,Inc48 church St.Rocky hill, Ct 06067


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