It’s Official!


I’m going to run a MARATHON!!!!! My sister registered me for the Maine Coast Marathon as one of my Christmas presents. Thank you so much, Justine! May 11th, here I come! Officially 19.5 weeks away. Slightly scary, but mostly exciting.

A Little About the Race

The race starts at Kennebunk High school and finishes at the Harold Alfond Forum at UNE in Biddeford. The course is a USATF-certified course and can therefore be used as a Boston Qualifier. The race website makes it very clear that the course is NOT flat. I’m guessing that there are some people who assume that it is because the race is on the coast. However, the finishing times do say that it is fast. Below is a course elevation map.


From a glance, I can tell that I’ll have to be very careful the first 6-ish miles because it’s all slightly downhill. Also, the last 5-ish miles are slightly uphill, so I’ll have to be conservative as to not die at the end. Overall, the course is not hilly, but it is not flat either. Since I run in Vermont, I feel kind of silly not calling it flat, but I know better from my past half marathons. What looks like an insignificant “bump” can be excruciating depending on where it is on the course. I can only imagine how that translates to a full marathon.

There is a limit of only 750 runners, as they wanted the marathon “to exceed your expectations in terms of quality.” Over the 26.2-mile course, there are 15 aid stations. All have water and Gatorade, while 7 of them will have real food. They haven’t specified yet what the food is, but last year there were oreos and watermelon. Strollers and dogs are not allowed, while mp3’s are discouraged. Most importantly, everyone will receive finishers’ medals and a long sleeve tech shirt.

All in all, I think it will be a very good race for my first marathon. It’s not too hilly, not crowded, and sounds like a very beautiful course. I’m so excited!!!!

Other Running Christmas Gifts

SPIbelt – my parents got me this lightweight belt that I can wear on my runs. It easily zips in any essentials like a phone or some cash that I might want to bring with me. I don’t normally bring much with me on my runs besides my room key and school ID when I’m at school. However, on longer runs, I like to bring my phone or a power bar. I joke that the SPIbelt is a “cool fanny pack” as it is much smaller than most packs and can easily be hidden as most shirts cover it. I originally bought my mom one for Mother’s Day, but I keep borrowing hers. Sorry! I think she finally decided that I needed my own.





ClipLight – my parents also got me this little clip-on light that I can attach to my shirt or something when I’m out on my runs. I’m not a huge fan of running when it’s dark, but sometimes I do find myself out there as the sun is setting. The light can blink or just stay on. I just have to remember not to leave it on my clothes so that it won’t go in my laundry!



Did you get any running-themed presents for the holidays? What’s your favorite? 


12 thoughts on “It’s Official!

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  3. Congratulations – You are fortunate to have such a thoughtful sister!!!!!   Is there additional running/training u will be doing in preparation for such a special event in your life?   Are your trees and roads covered with ice?   Sending love to all!!   UMark and APat    

    Pat Hughes, Realty Co.,Inc48 church St.Rocky hill, Ct 06067


    • Thank you – yes, I definitely have a VERY thoughtful sister. 🙂 I’ll definitely be increasing my weekly mileage and making my long runs each week longer than they have been. Luckily I’ve run some half marathons, so it hopefully won’t be too big of a jump up. Things are still a bit icy here, but now it’s covered in snow. It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow, so maybe the ice will go away. How is the weather in CT? Did you get hit with the ice storm? My family and I send our love to both of you!

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