The Ultimate “If You Fall, Get Back Up”

Heather Dorniden was a student athlete at the University of Minnesota. She ran indoor track and was a favorite in the finals for the 600 meter at the Big 10 Track and Field Championships. The race starts out perfectly with Heather drafting off of another runner, but with 200 meters to go she makes a surge to go to the front. Her feet get tangled up with another runner and she ends up falling flat on the ground. Watch the video to see what happens next… (She falls around 1:00)

I always love watching running videos before a race or just anytime in general. They get me motivated and inspired. This clip is most definitely my favorite running clip. Every time I watch it I can’t help but smile. Even though I’ve seen it a dozen times, my heart races and I can’t help but get nervous. It’s the perfect video to get you “in the zone” for a race or just out the door to do a workout.

Although there was race coverage of the meet, I prefer this video taken by a fan. It captures the crowd’s reaction as well as her team’s reaction, which is just priceless.

I hope this video might give you a little inspiration or just brighten up your day a little. Happy Running!


9 thoughts on “The Ultimate “If You Fall, Get Back Up”

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  2. Certainly was inspiring – saving to show the Grandkids – I am sharing all your great writings with them – P.S. immediately upon viewing – heading to workout on my tread mill!LAPat

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