Come on Spring!


Today is February 27th, which means it’s ALMOST March, which means it’s ALMOST spring (also known as mud season here in Vermont). We got a little glimmer of spring this past weekend. The weather actually got into the 40’s (Fahrenheit)! Yay! However, that also makes the fact that there is only a high of 18 today seem pretty cruel. Plus, the warm weather made some of the snow melt, but then froze again. This left most of the bike paths that I normally run on covered in ice. I am officially fed up with winter.

I miss being able to run in shorts, I miss having the roads/paths cleared of snow and ice, I miss having plenty of hours of the sun. I even miss my silly tan lines that I get from running outside! I’m beginning to feel a little like this newsperson. “I so pale!”

Anyways, I’m hoping that it won’t be too much longer until things warm up and stay warmed up. I love springtime and can’t wait until that first day of being able to run in my shorts.

Have you had your first shorts run yet? Are you looking forward to spring?


10 thoughts on “Come on Spring!

  1. It’s been cold here in Texas, but being Texas, we’ve also had a few warm days. I ran in shorts yesterday, and it’s supposed to warm up to 80 today. But then get cold again. I hope you warm up soon!

  2. LOL at that “i so pale” video! I’m sure it’s been around for awhile but I am behind the times and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Hilarious. I can’t even remember the last time I ran outside in general (it’s been a treadmill winter), let alone in shorts. “Looking forward to Spring” is understatement of the year!

  3. I miss my tan lines too – they have almost faded completely and are in serious need of retouching. I was also pondering today when I can use my shorts. I’ve run in carpis today, does that count? Unfortunately, you can’t really tell, because I got so covered in mud that there’s no visual difference between my exposed skin and the trousers. We’ve have a very mild winter here in Scotland, with very little frost, but to make up for that we’ve been getting lots of rain ( = mud) and very high winds ( = getting blown about in the mud). I’m not sure I still possess the necessary skills for running on dry ground, to be honest!

    • I guess capris kind of count – that’s pretty close to shorts! Sounds like you’ve been having some pretty adventuresome runs lately. Mud runs can be kind of fun once you accept that you’re gonna get dirty. However, when all the runs are that way it can become a nuisance. Hopefully we’ll both have better weather shortly!

  4. Ugh. I ran in shorts this past weekend, maybe twice. Last night I was back to my single digit clothes. Can we skip spring and go straight to summer? I’m ready for 80s and sunshine.

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