is not one of my virtues. I want things to happen quickly and I hate waiting to see results. However, patience is essential for distance running. You have to be patient to see improvement – things don’t change overnight. You oftentimes need patience to run a smart tactical race. Blowing out of the start is oftentimes not the right way to race.

I’m learning so much training for my first marathon. The biggest thing that I keep reminding myself is to be patient. I have to remind myself to actually take my easy days easy. I have to remind myself to keep the right pace on my marathon-paced runs and not get carried away. I have to be patient on my long runs and realize that they do take a loooong time. I have to stick to my training plan and not do too much too soon.

The biggest thing that I need to be patient for is adjusting to new races. I always get a kick out of using race conversions to see what marathon time I should be able to run. For instance, my race conversion for my 5k PR is quite a bit faster than my half marathon PR conversion. However, I need to remember that I’ve run zillions of 5k’s and only a few half marathons. I ran 5k’s all through cross-country in high school, plenty of 5k’s over the summers, and a few since I graduated high school. I’ve spent tons of time perfecting my race strategy and finding my limits, and I still think I have room to improve! I shouldn’t be able to run my 5k PR converted into marathon time on the first try (it would be awesome if I did!). However, it would be pretty unlikely.

The marathon is not a sprint… obviously! That’s why it’s called a marathon. I’ve heard that the best strategy is to go out slower than your goal pace and negative split the second half of the race. I know that will probably be a bit difficult for me, but I’m going to do my best to make that happen. After all, it’s much better to feel good passing people at the end than to blow up before the finish line.

In other news…

My friend and I got the spot for the Vermont City Marathon! Yippee! Our team name is officially the Sassy Sophomores. We split the race two years ago when we were in high school and were the Sassy Seniors, so we felt the need to stick along the lines of the original

I also got a distance PR this past weekend – 19 miles! I’m having a hard time fathoming how long that was. It definitely helped that I had two awesome people to run it with! It’s amazing how much it helps to have someone with you.

Are you good at being patient or do you find it pretty hard?


4 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Congrats! Yes, negative split everything! Practice doing it on your training runs. It is much better to be passing people at the end instead of the other way around.
    I’m finding it hard to be patient, but I’m trying. I want to sign up for some 5k’s, but I know I haven’t done any speedwork recently. I need to get a few track sessions in first!

    • I’ll definitely work on the negative splitting – it’s no fun being passed. A few 5k’s would probably be a good way to get back from your knee injury. I know what you mean about the whole speed thing – since I’ve been marathon training I feel like I would forget how to run a 5k. Good luck with your training!

  2. Congrats. on Vermont City – love the name! And I, like u, am not patient-and like u have th wisdom to wait when required (most of the time) Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom and accomplishments! Luv APat

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