Dumb*ss Injuries

tom and jerry

You know those injuries that happen when you’re being just plain stupid? The injuries that could have definitely been avoided? Like not looking where you’re going and running into a pole? Or stepping on a rake and having it hit you square in the face. 

Well, I had one of those moments last week. Wednesday evening I somehow managed to kick my ankle into the edge of my chair. The chairs in my dorm room can kind of rock back and when they do so there is a sharp edge towards the front on either side. I think I was going to get up from my chair and wasn’t paying much attention. The funny thing is that it didn’t even hurt that much. I didn’t put any ice on it or take ibuprofen because I didn’t think it was a big deal.

The next day we got dumped with another big snowstorm (don’t get me started on how ridiculous that is). I think I aggravated my ankle more by trying to walk to the gym in all the snow. The uneven footing probably didn’t help.


the view from my dorm


When is spring coming again?


soooo much snow!

Turns out kicking my chair left me with an itty bitty bruise and a pretty sore ankle. Luckily, I think it’s finally getting better. I had to miss a few days of running, but nothing too bad.

Have you ever had any stupid injuries? Leave your story in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Dumb*ss Injuries

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  4. Oh my, I hope it warms up soon and you’re not too banged up. I recently jacked up my knee by stupidly running on traintracks and tripping on a coat hanger I didn’t see and landed right on a rock. Ouch. It’s feeling better though.

    • Thanks! Glad your knee is feeling better – that sounds like quite the experience. Just curious, what do you think a coat hanger was doing on the train tracks? haha

      • Ha, I have no idea. The tracks are actually really old and not in use any more. So it was kind of overgrown and that’s why I didn’t see the wire. That’s also probably why somebody put two large rocks on the tracks. Little history – about a half mile from where I fell is the site of where the first train robbery in Texas happened back in the 1800’s.

  5. I am really lucky when it comes to dodging the usual running injuries (*touch wood*), but to make up for that, I’m really good at the stupid ones. On particularly memorable stunt was pulled last year, when I tripped over a root on a trail run and fell hard into a whole field of nettles. I’ve just started to wear shorts again on my runs (glorious spring is here!) and my legs are already cut to bits. Why do I always have to pick bramble or rose bushes to hide behind for a pee? I hope your ankle gets better soon! 😀

  6. Oh, you know, just off the top of my head: clipping Mike’s heel as he changed course a bit to avoid the water station in the race we ran on Sunday and taking a 6 foot superman slide across the gritty pavement. I survived with just a few bruises and scrapes, but my beloved lululemon jacket (and the shirt underneath) was not so lucky.

    The good news is that they’re repairing or replacing the jacket and replaced the shirt when I brought them into the store! Yay for above and beyond customer service.

    • Oh my goodness! I didn’t know that happened! Looking at the bright side, maybe it gave you a little more adrenaline? Glad that your jacket is being repaired – I remember you talking about how much you loved it at Thanksgiving.

  7. Where do I start? I have had so many stupid injuries, I should write my own post. I think my favorite one, looking back, was missing a week of indoor track due to a concussion sustained in a swimming pool. I grew up swimming and playing water polo and a few friends and I were tossing around a water polo ball. I took a shot to the back of the head on accident and got a concussion. It kept me from running and going to class for a week until I passed my base line test again.

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