My Race is WHEN?!?!


Sometimes I get too caught up in my training and what’s going on in the now that I forget the bigger picture. Most of the time I only know what my workout is for that day. I might know how many miles my long run is for the week or what the total mileage is going to be, but most of the time I just take it day by day. I think about the anatomy test I have the next day or the interval workout I will do in the afternoon – I don’t think in weeks or months.

In some ways this can be helpful. When I first wrote out my marathon-training schedule I was terrified of the weeks towards the end. How on earth was I going to run 20 miles after doing 2 or 3 speed sessions that week? Now that I’m getting closer to those weeks they don’t seem so scary because I took baby steps to get there. 14 miles, 15, 17, 19, makes 20 not seem so bad.

Today is March 27th – that makes it 16 more days until my half marathon and only 45 days until my first full marathon. SAY WHAT? That is what I call terrifying. I’ve been so focused on the now that my races have really crept up on me.

May 11th here I come!

May 11th here I come!

I think it’s partly because for the past two weeks I’ve been dealing with a sore ankle. Remember that stupid chair I hit my ankle on? Well, that idiot injury didn’t go away too quickly. I managed to make the area all inflamed and got some scar tissue around it. After going to PT I think things are finally headed in the right direction. It doesn’t hurt to walk anymore and I was able to do a tempo workout with minimal pain today. Last week when I did that workout I didn’t feel the pain until I stopped and then ended up limping the last mile back to my dorm. Ugh.

Now that I’m back on track I’m feeling a little bit scared and slightly in shock about how close my races are. I think after another solid week of training I’ll be feeling more confident. Now if spring can just catch up. Parts of my favorite running routes are still covered in icy snow.

my poor bike path! Where's  the path again?

my poor bike path! Where’s the path again?

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you ever forget to think about the big picture?


8 thoughts on “My Race is WHEN?!?!

  1. As a non-runner – did not realize all the preparation required for this new and exciting adventure in your journey! So proud of your stick-to-it-ness-you will do well.LuvAPat-UMark

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