Saying Goodbye

my house

Today was the last day I will spend at my childhood home. The past couple days have been filled with lots of packing, lots of boxes, and somewhere in there I managed to squeeze in my workouts.

My parents have lived in the house for 26 years and that’s the only home I’ve ever known. Somehow my parents managed to keep our home in Jericho while my dad would have a VERY long commute. Now that all of us kids are out of the home, my parents decided to live closer.

I’m so thankful that I got to grow up in the community that I did. I went to some great schools, made some awesome friends, and overall had a great childhood. I can’t imagine myself growing up anywhere else.

From a running perspective, it’s sad to know that I had my last real runs there. Of course I still have friends that live in the area, so I’m sure I’ll run some of the old routes again. Plus, the college I’m at is only a half hour away. However, it’ll be the last time I get to run on MY roads in MY town from MY house. I know those roads so well – hill sprints up Schillhammer, fartleks on Lee River, horn drills at Mills, summer runs on my trails, and the infamous pain loop (it’s super hilly). I’ve memorized all the twists and turns of the roads and know where the pot holes are that runners need to be wary of as to not get a sprained ankle. I have so many fond memories from all those runs – adventure runs to Narnia, getting hives at Mills because I ran through a field, getting lost in the woods on the Bolger Hill loop, doing a track workout in the middle of a snow storm in April, etc. The list goes on and on.

racing at Mills in middle school

racing at Mills in middle school

getting hives from running through a field at Mills

getting hives from running through a field at Mills

snowing in mid-April. WTF?

snowing in mid-April. WTF? The weather better warm up this year or else we’ll be in the same predicament.

I had this whole plan of taking some pretty pictures during my long run today of all my old routes. However, Mother Nature decided that that wasn’t going to happen – it was spitting rain/wind and cloudy all day. I guess that made it easier to say goodbye. If it was a sunny summer day I would probably be feeling sadder.

Here are some previous pictures I’ve taken on my runs.





running on my trails up in back

running on my trails up in back

my track

running on my track

Although I’m feeling a little melancholy about the move, I’m excited for what’s next. I’ll be spending the summer in Boston and am super excited! I will be pretty close to the Charles River, which has a great bike path for running on. Plus, there is a track a mile away (the perfect warm up). As an added bonus, there are soooooo many more races in Massachusetts than there are in Vermont. I remember trying to look up summer races in VT and there might be a few, but oftentimes they will be pretty far away. In Boston alone, though, there will be way more to choose from that are within a half hour of where we live. Awesomeness!

What are some of your favorite old running routes/memories? 


17 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

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  2. Hi Laurel! Wishing you a “Happy Birthday Week!”. Love the old photos…..especially the one of all you MMU XC runners at the track in the snow. Hope you have a wonderful first marathon in May. I will be thinking of you and know that you will enjoy the challenge. 🙂 Hope to see you soon.

  3. Good luck to all of you as you make this big move. Boston is a great place for running, and Jericho will always welcome you back for a visit, running or not. Please give my best to your mom and dad.

  4. Love this Laurel! Especially the picture of your blistered shoulder–proof that runners “endure” . Keep on running and writing!

  5. Saying goodbye is a journey like running I suppose. I am sorry for all that will be left, happy for all you have to remember, and looking forward to having you all closer down here in Southern New England.

  6. Memories to last a lifetime and then some! 2014 is sure a year the Cole Family will remember-two major moves in March, Marathon coming up, Wedding plans and the Main Event this Summer! Love to all Aunt Pat and Uncle Mark

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