It’s finally here! After what seemed like the coldest and iciest winter I’ve ever experienced, spring is finally turning up! Almost all the snow/ice is melted from my running routes and last Tuesday I officially got to bring out my running shorts.

My favorite running “holiday” (besides the Boston Marathon of course) would have to be the first shorts weather day. It’s the first day that you can COMFORTABLY wear running shorts and not be cold. There’s something so freeing about tossing the spandex away and stepping into shorts.

You get to show off those pale winter legs to the rest of the world. For girls, this also means having to shave on a more regular basis. It’s easy to get away with not shaving when you’re wearing spandex or pants during the winter, but not so easy when it starts to warm up. Also, how is it possible that I still have an awful sock tan? I think I spend too much time outside in my running shoes.

sock tan

sock tan

And a watch tan. Oh goodness.

watch tan

watch tan

My next race is quickly approaching! I’m running in the Half Marathon Unplugged this Saturday and am hoping to PR. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape, the race course is flat and fast, and the weather looks perfect (63 degrees and partly sunny). It’s the perfect equation for a good race.

Unfortunately I’m not really tapering for the race since my marathon is so close. Plus, a few weeks ago when I hurt my ankle I didn’t get quite as good training in as I wanted. I want to make sure I’m in good form for my marathon since that is my big goal, so I will mostly be training through the race. However, I will definitely be giving it my all! My legs just won’t be as fresh.

Have you had your first shorts run yet?


7 thoughts on “SHORTS WEATHER!!!!!!!

  1. So funny that you have a socks and watch tan at this time of year. I love the top pic – you look so happy!! It’s soooo nice to have warmer weather! I’m ready for this winter to be over!!

  2. I had mine a couple week ago!! It was the most glorious feeling that I ran the fastest I ever have! I am SO excited to keep wearing them, but even move excited to get back on the trails since the snow is gone! Spring is here!

  3. Eh’ I can’t complain about the lack of short weather since I’m in Florida so I just wanted to wish you the best on the upcomng half mary! 🙂

  4. I’ve been running in shorts for the last two weeks or so, but still in long tops – until today! It was glorious – 14km after work in the evening sunshine, arms and legs bare and feeling comfortably warm. Heaven!

  5. Mine was on Tuesday! I got some stares- whether it was the blindingly pale legs or my new obnoxiously bright running shoes, we’ll never know…

    It sure felt great though!

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