Hellooooooo Boston!


Since I got out of school last Thursday things have been a bit hectic to say the least. We drove to my sister’s house to spend the night, came to our apartment in Cambridge for another night, went up to Maine for the race, I spent a couple days with my friend in Maine, but have finally landed back in Cambridge. I’ll be spending the summer taking some physics classes at a nearby college. I know how to have fun. 😉

I haven’t done a ton of exploring of Boston yet, but have gone on a few runs around the area. So far this has just involved me running the five minutes over to the Charles and running various loops along the paths and bridges. Yesterday I took a couple of pictures of some cute little goslings! Yes, I know that I’m acting like a complete tourist right now, but look how cute they are!

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My hometown is a pretty rural area with lots of dirt roads. We had some trails up in back of our house and there was a park 10 minutes away that was perfect for running. Even where I go to school in Burlington is not all that busy. There are loads of bike paths around. The most traffic I ever really deal with includes the 10-minute run down to the waterfront bike path.

Granted to say, Boston is kind of a culture shock in comparison to what I’m used to running in. It’s very loud, there are many obstacles, it’s more crowded, and much flatter. Probably the most annoying thing, though, is that I have to stop. If you run straight on the Charles there’s an intersection at least every mile. I’m definitely not used to dealing with that. It breaks up the whole rhythm of my run. Today when I went for a run it was a little less chaotic. I went when it was raining, so there weren’t nearly as many people out running as there have been.

I’m sure there are many more places for me to run that I just don’t know about. I haven’t done much research. Any suggestions? Where’s your favorite place to run at in Boston?



Over the past few days I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my race. That first night I just couldn’t figure out what went wrong. I had fueled exactly the same way as I had during my long runs. I didn’t out too fast. In fact, my plan was to negative split so I actually went out 15 seconds per mile slower than my goal pace for the first 3 miles. I just couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong.

However, by Monday I noticed that my stomach was still pretty off. I always feel a little queasy after a race, so I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t feeling so good on Sunday. However, my appetite did not pick up at all the following day. I would go to eat something and feel full and kind of nauseous after a couple bites. This continued for the rest of the week. I had to force food down to avoid bonking on my runs. My appetite didn’t start to pick up until last night.

My close friends know that I have a major sweet tooth and I mean MAJOR sweet tooth. I’m not a huge fan of candy, but cake/cookies/brownies are right up my alley. The fact that I wasn’t even interested in those made me realize something was off. After talking to my friend, I think I caught some sort of stomach bug that was going around. I seem to keep having perfect timing to get sick for race day.

Overall, my mood is doing a little better. Yes, Sunday was an awful day, but there’s no use dwelling on the past. I’m trying to focus ahead on my future plans and get excited for that. After all, I’m only 20 and have many years of running ahead of me.

Any suggestions for places to run in Boston? Where’s your favorite place to run?


6 thoughts on “Hellooooooo Boston!

  1. You should come out to Oxford to run!! More hills…less people and cars… 🙂 So sorry to hear that your stomach was off all week!! Wow and here you thought that you had gotten through finals without getting sick and then you have a stomach bug surface on race day. So unfair!!!!!!!

    • I know, right?! I definitely need to go out to your place more often, especially for my long runs. Thanks, Jus. I know, my immune system absolutely sucks. It has the worst timing.

  2. Don’t worry about it, you’ll do great! I love love love Boston. I’m not sure where to run, but I’ve walked the Freedom Trail several times. I’d love to run across the marathon finish line. Boston Common and Park are great big areas. Otherwise, some amazing food there. Make sure to hit up the North End!

    • Thanks for the advice! I have so many places I need to visit including the marathon finish and Freedom Trail. North end is probably at the top of my list. I went there a few years ago, but haven’t been since I’ve been living here.

  3. There are a lot fewer crossings on the Boston side. I think there are only 3 crossings in the 7 miles between the Museum of Science and Arsenal street- then even fewer beyond that if you run down Nonatum road. Most of the bridges on the Boston side have pedestrian tunnels underneath.

    I much prefer running on the Esplanade paths than the sidewalks or roads- way safer, and fewer stops!

    • Thanks, Aubrey! I think I’ve been running on the wrong side this whole week, haha. I’ll have to go over to the other side some more. Thanks for the advice!

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