Let it Go

As I’ve been reflecting on my spring running/training one thing kind of baffles me. Literally the only two races that I originally signed up to run this spring I ended up getting sick for. For the Unplugged Half Marathon, I got a chest cough/sore throat thing and timed it perfectly so that I was worse on race day. For the Maine Coast Marathon, I got a low-grade stomach bug. I don’t think it would’ve been that big of a deal if I hadn’t been racing, but when you’re trying to run hard for a long time and have to take water/fuel in, a slightly upset stomach can turn into a disaster, which I found out the hard way. My immune system really does stink!

Cross-country seasons normally consist of a series of smaller races that gradually increase in importance. In high school, I’m pretty sure I ran around 8 races throughout each season… depending on if I went to New England’s or ran in all of the smaller races. Sure, it was all leading up to a big race (states), but even if you had a bad race at states you could still kind of be proud of the rest of your season – you had other accomplishments. No, the most important one didn’t go well, but there could hopefully still be other things to be proud of.

The marathon is a whole other beast, though. There are months and months of training all leading up to one big race. The beating up your body gets running 26.2 hard makes it difficult to run marathons close together. The amount of effort and time put into training is normally way more than cross-country. After all, I don’t remember doing 3-hour long training runs in high school! If something goes wrong for race day, then it kind of sucks.

It feels absurd looking back at all of the hours and miles I put into getting ready for my first marathon. To have a freak stomach bug hit for race day is ridiculous to say the least. The marathon really is a b****.

But… there’s nothing I can do to change what happened. What’s done is done. I managed to finish another marathon and although it wasn’t close to what I had hoped for, I did finish. The best thing I can do now is move on and let it go… not to be cheesy. 😉

I’ve already got my wheels turning for future plans. It took me a few days of moping around, but I’m finally figuring out what I want to do next. I’m ready to let go of the past and move on.


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