The November Project

group picture: photo credits to the November Project

group picture: photo credits to the November Project. I’m somewhere in the back rightish.

A while ago I read about something called the November Project in a magazine. It’s basically a grassroots fitness group that meets up to work out together. Workouts range from core strengthening, climbing stairs in a stadium, to hill sprints. There are now multiple November Projects in a variety of different cities in the US. Since I’m spending the summer in Boston I thought I’d check them out. Best part? IT’S FREE!!!! As a college kid without a ton of extra cash, I don’t like to spend my money very often, so this group sounded perfect.

So, bright and early on Monday morning I headed over to check them out. I’m not a morning person, definitely not a morning runner, but I wanted to see what they were all about. On Mondays they meet at a variety of different places that they notify people of via social media. Luckily for me, the meet up spot was just a 10-minute run from my apartment. I was really surprised by the sheer amount of people that showed up. There were well over 100!

the most game face I could muster at 6am

the most game face I could muster at 6am

The challenge on this particular day was to split up into a bunch of different groups and run around to the different boathouses. At each boathouse there was a picture of someone from the November Project on a tree and each group had to take selfies with the picture and post it up on instagram. It was a bit chaotic, but loads of fun!

The people that showed up were extremely friendly and welcoming. Once people found out that it was my first time coming, they chimed in about why they loved the November Project and informed me about the different locations and what it was all about. Most of the people I talked to were runners as well. Some were marathoners, others 5k-ers, some mud runners. There were peoples of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

I will definitely be going to some more of these workouts. I’m unsure about how I will fit these workouts into my running schedule once I start seriously training again, but I’ll figure it out when the time comes. In high school I absolutely loved this strength and conditioning camp I did. I wasn’t great at it as I don’t have much upper-body strength, but it was so much fun. This seems kind of similar, so I’m excited to go to some more of the workouts.

What have you been up to this week? Try anything new? Have you ever gone to a November Project meet-up?


8 thoughts on “The November Project

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    • I heard of the november project because it was advertised in Runner’s World. There are plenty of other groups, though! There’s other november projects in other cities as well. I would start off looking by just googling “running clubs in ______ (location). I bet you’ll be surprised by how many there are! Good luck!

  3. That’s a huuge group! I recently met up with a Dallas running group who’s motto is ‘run free’ they don’t like groups that charge to run. I like their thought process. BTW, I see the smirk in your game face.

    • yeah, it was gigantic – makes me wonder how much it thins out during the winter. I like the motto of your running group as well! Why should we have to pay when we’re not even using equipment? haha, glad I can manage a smirk that early in the morning!

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