Wedding Weekend


A lot has happened since my last post on the November Project. Firstly, I survived the November Project’s three workouts this week, but a much bigger much more important event happened. My brother got married!!!!

Ian and Aubrey make the perfect couple and their personalities compliment each other so well. They’re high school sweethearts and both share common interests such as running, mountain biking, and hiking. It was a picture-perfect wedding. From the stunning view of the White Mountains to Aubrey’s beautiful dress every detail was accounted for.


talk about gorgeous!

My brother has always been a huge part of my running life. He’s the reason I started the sport in the first place. I was always the little kid being dragged around to his cross-country and track meets. Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to be like him and gave the sport a try for myself. I figured if he was good at it then maybe I could be too! He’s always whole-heartedly supported and encouraged me along the way. Now we’re planning to run the same race in the fall!


at the Shelburne Half Marathon

I’m so excited to have Aubrey be officially part of the family although it feels like she’s been part of it for a long time.

an oldy but goody - at the summit of Mt. Hale in 2005.

an oldy but goody – at the summit of Mt. Hale in 2005. We look so little!

When I was struggling at the end of the Vermont City Marathon, Aubrey caught up to me. My family had a 5-person relay team and Aubrey ran the last leg. Between the horrible calf cramps and extreme heat I was kind of a mess to say the least. I told her I was okay and that she should keep on running, but she insisted on staying with me. Those last few miles would’ve been really dark without her and I am forever grateful that she stayed with me. She made it possible for me to finish with a smile on my face. That was something only a sister would do.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.31.27 PM


I love them both so much and wish them the best on this next stage in life.




7 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend

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  2. Thank you so much, Laurel. I am so lucky to have gained two incredible women as sisters. And I’ll join you for some November Project workouts when we get back from our honeymoon!

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