Stroller Adventures

This past weekend I finally got to meet my adorable little cousin. My relatives live in Spain, but just moved over here, which means I finally got to see him! He’s such a happy little dude and is super easy-going. Did I already mention he’s adorable? Sooo cute!


Somehow I started talking about how cool it would be to use a stroller if/when I have my own kids (not for a looooooong time). That way I could still get my running in. When I was younger my dad used to rollerblade while pushing me along in a stroller. My mom tells me that I would kick my feet up and have a grand old time riding along. I didn’t realize it, but we kept that stroller from all the way back then.

So, we pulled it out of the basement – just needed a little dusting off and some air in the tires. After that, it was in perfectly good condition! My little cousin happily sat down in the stroller and we took off! It’s so strange to think that at some point I was actually the one riding in the stroller. Now I’m pushing it!


all decked out for the ride!

all decked out for the ride!



I was a little nervous that he would get fussy being away from his parents, but he did perfectly fine! I kept checking in on him to make sure he was really there – he was so quiet and content. He took a little snooze during the ride, but mostly was just looking out at the scenery soaking everything in for the 10 miles. I think we’ve got a future runner in the making!

For the most part, it wasn’t that much extra work pushing a stroller. My arm swing was impeded slightly and I definitely had to work harder on the uphills, but the rest of it was just fine. It probably gave me a little more strength training, which I could definitely use! Plus, the steering kept me occupied so I didn’t get bored at all.

Have you used a stroller? What are your thoughts on it?


5 thoughts on “Stroller Adventures

  1.  received this from 1961 R.H.H.S. class members – thought of u all to forward to!   Hopefully u will pass on.   Enjoy the Day!   Warmest regards to all Pat and Mark

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  2. I am sure your parents were relieved at the “loooonnnnng time”   May I reiterate again and again – I really believe a “book in the making” –   Words cannot express the feelings of home, family,our remembers our own “kids” achievements! the blood, sweat, tears, and a job well done and as they continue on their journey with us ALL by their sides.   Love u sooooo much – you are a surely a JOY!   Love always APat UMark 

    Pat Hughes, Hughes Realty Co.,Inc 48 church St. Rocky hill, Ct 06067

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