Boston Escapades

the view from Fan Pier Park

the view from Fan Pier Park

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been having a great time finding my way around Boston. Between the November Project workouts, visiting out by my sister’s house, and finding new places to run, I’ve done a lot of exploring. Sometimes you have to completely mix things up to find new motivation.

Firstly, I absolutely love the November Project. I found myself smiling at the beginning of today’s workout as a few hundred people circled up doing jumping jacks at 6:30 in the morning. We’re all a tad bit crazy as you can probably tell. Mondays are normally core workouts, Wednesdays are stair climbs at Harvard stadium, and Friday hill sprints up Summit Ave.

Fridays are fantastic! They’re right up my alley. As a runner that’s used to hillier terrain I feel like those days are kind of my specialty. Remember when I was complaining about the flat terrain in Boston? Well, I’ve definitely found some really great hills. Between Summit Ave and running near my sister’s house I haven’t been deprived, so don’t worry! I’m not turning into a flatlander.

Mondays are awesome as well. I’m not as good at core days, but I have fun. I have issues doing core on my own, so it’s great to have other people to workout with. Mondays are always in a different place. This morning was at Fan Pier Park and I had to use a GPS to find my way over there.


Wednesdays, on the other hand, are definitely something… There are 37 sections of the Harvard Stadium with 31 giant steps in each. The first time I went, I tried my best to make it all the way around, but only made it to section 31. Everyone starts out running and leaping up the stairs. Eventually I found myself losing momentum near the top and having to hike the last few steps. By the end I probably looked pretty pathetic gasping for air and slowly hiking up the stairs. Around halfway through I noticed a couple people leaning over the side puking. Oh, boy.


Harvard Stadium. I couldn’t fit the whole thing in one picture it was so big!

Next time, I’ll try to start closer to the front of the group and I won’t run over there. It’s around 5 miles from my apartment and I had the brilliant idea of running over there the first time. NEVER AGAIN. It probably didn’t help that I got lost along the way. I think I’ll just bike next time thank you very much. My calves haven’t felt that sore in a long time. I want to go again so that I can finish the sections, but am not sure I’ll be doing that regularly. My calves were not happy with me to say the least.

I also wandered over to the Minuteman Bikepath for my long run yesterday. It was kind of a pain in the butt to get over there from where I live because I have to cross a bunch of streets. However, it was a beautiful path – kind of reminded me of the Burlington bike path. It went by some ponds, soccer fields, and through a cute little town. There were even some signs along the way pointing towards ice cream shops and good places to eat. Somehow on the way back I ran past a parade. I still have no idea what the parade was for, but it looked cool!


a parade!

a parade!

the pond I ran by on my run

the pond I ran by on the bike path

What’s new in your life? Have you done something different lately? Explored a new place?


6 thoughts on “Boston Escapades

  1. I love this! It sounds like you’re having a blast in Boston and I’m impressed that you’re trying out all these news things. Not surprised to hear that your calves were not impressed with stairs.

    • Thanks, Sarah! Unimpressed is an understatement for my calves, haha. They were like rocks the next day – haven’t felt like that since pre-surgery. Yeah, not a fan of stairs.

  2. Hi Laurel, you’ve been collecting some great pictures, and learning some wonderful new places to explore in Boston. It’s so different than Vermont, but there is still so much to explore. What a hoot and an amazing thing this November project is! Your picture of the Harvard stadium says it all. You must be pleased to have found a lot of other crazy people like you! Dad

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