Back in the 802!


I just landed in Vermont… say WHAT? Yep, I had my final exam for Physics I last night. Now I’ve got about a week and a half until Physics II starts… but I’m not gonna think about that right now! I’m up visiting my friends, maybe doing some hiking, and just chilling out. I went to Mass right after I got out of school, which meant that I didn’t get to see any of my friends from back home who were away at college. So, I’ve got some major catching up to do.


I’m also running in a race tomorrow! It’s called the Huntington Race 4 Sundaes and I ran it last year. When I figured out my plans I started looking up races this weekend and I was so excited to find out that I was going to be up here for this one. There’s a 1-mile, 5k, and 10k – I’ll be running the 10k. I definitely wouldn’t consider it a PR course as it is extremely hilly. The 5k and second half of the 10k go up Camels Hump Road. I don’t think I was quite mentally prepared for how big of a hill it was last year. It is a nice course, though, as a good portion of the race is on dirt road. Best part of the race? There are sundaes afterwards! Plus, they have really awesome prizes. Last year I won a Vermont Teddy Bear.

My race plan is to definitely go out slower and more conservative. That way I can attack the hill in the second half. Then I’ll just let everything go coming back down, as it’s all downhill or flat to the finish. I’m not really in racing shape as I took some time off after my marathon, but it’ll be fun to get a 10k in. I’m hoping to run faster than I did last year.

Any weekend plans for you? Are you running in any races?


6 thoughts on “Back in the 802!

  1. I’d love to be there and join u – of course I would do the “down hill” & partake in the sundae portion of the event! Sounds like u have a good plan for success! Aunt Pat

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