Race 4 Sundaes Recap


Remember when I said, “I definitely wouldn’t consider it a PR course as it is extremely hilly?” Well, I apparently lied about that since I bettered my 10k PR by over 40 seconds.

Sometimes I really don’t understand my body. Recently, it seems like when I prepare perfectly for a race it doesn’t end up going well. Yet, I did barely anything right for this race and it goes great. First of all, I’m not near peak form right now. I took some time off after my marathon, and just barely started doing a little bit of speed work last week. Secondly, I wasn’t eating very smart going into the race. I literally ate this maple creemee the night before. I know, not smart, but it tasted so good!

nom nom nom

yum yum!

I guess what I did do right was not to get nervous. I decided I was going to wing the race just for fun a few days before. I thought that I could probably better my time from last year, but I didn’t think I had a PR in me. There’s about a mile long hill in the second half of the race, so I wasn’t expecting a fast time. Logically, I did know I was in good shape. I put so much effort in training for the marathon, but my performances this spring just didn’t reflect that.

Race Details:


The first half of the race is an out and back on a paved road. It has a few little rolling hills, but is pretty flat for the most part. I wanted to make sure to go out easy to prepare for the hill in the second half. A few minutes in I tucked in behind a couple other women, but started to feel very antsy as I could tell they were working harder than I was. I waited a few more minutes before going ahead. I caught up to two other guys and we ran together until about halfway where we turned onto Camels Hump Road. Once I got to the hill I went ahead of them and started to push a bit. That hill sure is something and I was definitely hurting towards the top. I was glad this part was in the shade. I’m not a great downhill runner, but I did my best to let it all go coming back down. Towards the bottom, a guy had caught up to me, but I really kicked it in the last mile. I thought I heard his footsteps right behind me, but didn’t let myself glance back until the last turn when I realized I had lost him. I didn’t wear my Garmin, but kind of wish I did so that I knew how fast my last mile was. I felt good, or at least as good as you can feel at the end of a race. Overall results; 1st woman, 42:42.

I thought the race was put on really well. It was definitely on the small size, but sometimes I like those types of races more than the big ones. There was chip timing, a few water stops along the way, awesome prizes, and sundaes afterwards. I won a gallon of maple syrup – booyah! I might sneak some with me the next time I get pancakes in Mass. The real stuff is just so much better. Unfortunately, I didn’t eat much of my sundae since I always feel kind of queasy after a race. I do the thing where I think I’m hungry and get a bunch of food, but then when I actually start to eat I feel nasty. I normally am actually hungry a few hours after. Does anyone else get that? It’s so annoying.

my race prize!

my race prize!

All in all, I think what I need to remember going forward is that it takes time to learn certain races. I think I’ve run about four 10ks and I still have a LOT of learning left. Just because my first marathon didn’t go well doesn’t mean that I’m not a good marathoner. You can’t base your talent of the distance off of one race. There’s so much to learn. I may not be destined to be a good marathoner… who knows? But I shouldn’t assume that so soon.

The rest of my weekend has been jam-packed with as many Vermont activities as I could fit in. I got to see some of my friends, went for a run over at Mills River, and hiked up Mt. Mansfield. I wouldn’t suggest doing that after running a race… probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but we still had a blast. I’ll be spending a little while longer in VT today before heading back tonight.











11 thoughts on “Race 4 Sundaes Recap

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    • Thank you! Agreed – the food prizes are the best. I got some homemade granola one time that was delicious, but I think I’m more excited about the syrup. 🙂

  2. So awesome, congrats! Enjoy that syrup, don’t drink it all at once. Queasy after races ~ Are you making sure to walk 15 or so minutes after to cool down and let your blood redistribute throughout your body? The times I’ve felt really nauseous after a race was because I immediately stopped running and stood there or sat down – not a good strategy.

    • Thank you! Yeah, I probably didn’t walk around as much as I should’ve after. It was really hot that day, so that probably didn’t help my stomach either. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Ciao da Italia! Felicitazioni!

    Nearly all of my PRs, notably an ECAC championship, have come when I was feeling relaxed and not nervous. I really think there’s something to it.

    See you next week- I’m going to need to hit the gym and the roads hard after all the pasta, gelato, and wine I’m having here!

    • Yeah, there must be something to not be nervous for races. I can’t wait to see you and hear allll about your adventures! Keep enjoying – the pictures on Facebook look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Congrats on the 10K PR!! You’re amazingly fast!
    I am definitely with you on the tummy issues, but it even happens in training, not just races :/ There’s a 50/50 chance when I go out for long runs that my stomach will hate me. And then when I finish my run and I know that I desperately need some recovery food, I can’t eat anything. Still trying to figure out where the problem is…ugh

    • Thank you! Glad to know I’m not the only one who has tummy issues after races. It’s so annoying because I feel like I should be eating fuel to recover well, but I’m just not hungry. Hopefully our issues will improve. 🙂

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