Biking Adventures!

throwback to when my brother was teaching me how to ride a bike

throwback to when my brother was teaching me how to ride a bike

I like to bike. Does that surprise you? I’ve never really talked about it on my blog. Mainly because I run much much more than I bike, but every once in a while on a beautiful day I’ll take my road bike for a spin. After my compartment syndrome surgery my parents got me a great road bike for my birthday and I think biking really helped to speed up my recovery.



My dad and I are going on a bike trip this weekend. It was originally scheduled for today through Sunday, but on account of horrible weather we’re leaving this Saturday and coming back Monday. We’d rather not get caught in a thunderstorm, you know? Might not be too fun. I’ll be bringing my computer with me, so I’ll hopefully be able to write a few blog posts along the way. We’ll be moteling it, so hopefully they’ll have wifi. We’ll see, but that’s what I’m hoping for. If not, I’ll definitely be using my instagram, so go follow me on that if you’d like to join the journey. My dad and I are planning a much bigger more exciting bike trip next summer, but more on that later. This will be a test run to see how everything goes.

On a last note, my cousin, Caley, is an awesome writer. He recently wrote a book called, “Legends of Allyoshmar, The Dreams and the Darkness.” It’s an epic fantasy novel about a princess who finds herself tangled in ancient conspiracies and is struggling to survive. He’s having a presale of the book so if you’re interested you should go preorder one on this site where he has also revealed the first chapter of the book!

Any weekend plans for you? Do you enjoy biking? Ever gone on a bike trip before?


9 thoughts on “Biking Adventures!

  1. I love biking!! The farthest I’ve biked is only 40 miles though. It was a day bike trip with my boyfriend my sophomore year of college and I was sore for days after it. Haha. I’m definitely a stronger runner. 😛

  2. I love biking! I even brought my bike to college and biked almost everyday too and from my classes my junior and senior year! I did a day bike trip once, too, when I was a sophomore in college.The trip was a 40 mile bike ride with my boyfriend that took us into a whole other state! 🙂

    • That’s great! I have my bike at college as well and enjoy biking to class… when it’s not winter that is. Sounds like a great bike trip! Always fun to cross borders.

  3. Adorable picture of you and Ian – and the pink bike! Look forward to reading “The adventures of Laurel and her Dad” hopefully all good. Happy 4th – take good care of your Dad- Love APat

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