Let the Biking Adventures Begin!


Biking Adventures of Dan and Laurel Day #1 = SUCCESS! Our day started early this morning leaving Boston. We got a few puddle-filled miles in on the Charles before leaving the city. It was a bit slow going at first between all the turns leaving the city and the branches down from the storm. We went through some of the towns that the Boston Marathon goes through including Hopkinton (the start) and Newton (where the hills are at).

in Hopkinton!

in Hopkinton!

After making a pit stop at my sister’s house we felt recharged and ready to go again, though. Especially after seeing this little guy!

my patriotic little cousin!

my patriotic little cousin

Unfortunately, my bike got a flat after lunch… ugh. With some help we were up and going pretty quickly, though (thank you, Cesar!).

Things we’ve learned so far

  • There are tons of roads named School St, Main St, Church St, and Washington St.
  • Almost anything tastes good after biking 88 miles
  • When your GPS guide starts flipping out, don’t panic. After all, it’s a long ride for them too.

Our bike route so far has led us by a variety of different places in Mass. From the ultra-rich to the not so pretty, the country to the city, we’ve seen some big contrasts. We’re looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Wachusett Reservoir

Wachusett Reservoir

found a cool random building. Can you spot me?

found a cool random building. Can you spot me?


4 thoughts on “Let the Biking Adventures Begin!

    • That’s awesome – such a small world! Yeah, my dad and I stopped to eat a snack on a bench there. and thanks for mentioning me on your blog! 🙂

  1. Yes we spotted u – wishing you and your Dad a pleasant and safe tour! How many miles do u expect to cover? Luv APat

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