Bike Mission Accomplished!


We did it! Around 8:00 last night my dad and I made it back home from our bike trip. Over the course of 3 days we covered roughly 242 miles, fixed some flat tires, and learned a LOT.

The last day we ended up covering the biggest distance. We biked from Keene, NH back to Boston. There were some huge hills in New Hampshire including a 2.5 mile one! Once we got onto route 119 we started to tick the miles off pretty quickly and made a lot of progress, though. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm hit us around 4:00 and we quickly ducked into a Mexican restaurant. At least the guacamole tasted good! All in all, we made it home dirt, grease, and sweat-covered.

stopped for some great lunch!

stopped for a great lunch!

waiting out the thunderstorm

waiting out the thunderstorm

our legs covered in dirt and grease when we got back

Our legs covered in dirt and grease when we got back – check out those sock tans!

My butt and shoulders are pretty sore. I may be in pretty good aerobic shape because of my running, but my body isn’t used to staying in that biking position for hours on end. I’ve got a bit of a sunburn that’s worse on the left side of my body… very strange, and some awkward chafing. All in all, though, I’m doing good considering what we did the past few days.


My dad is a pretty awesome guy and it was so nice to be able to do this with him. Two qualities of his that I greatly admire are his patience and ability to stay upbeat in a difficult situation. Those are two characteristics that we definitely needed on this trip. I wish some of his patience would brush off on me as that is not one of my virtues! I was so grateful to be able to do this together. Thanks for going with me, Dad!



11 thoughts on “Bike Mission Accomplished!

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  2. I DEFINITELY SEE A DAD OF THE YEAR AWARD IN HIS FUTURE! Have a new client – his daughters – 14 & 17 are runners -if o.k. I’d like to share your blogs with them – recognized them as “the little runners” round and about town. You both get our hip-hip-hoorays!!!APat UMark

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