The Little Things

a pic I took on my run tonight

a pic I took on my run tonight

Tonight on my run I felt especially grateful to be out there. It wasn’t a particularly fantastic run. My legs felt kind of creaky from being in the car all day, but there were a few miles in the middle that felt so smooth and effortless. I got the feeling only other runners can understand – the feeling where you think you could just keep going and going. I don’t get that every run, but when I do I feel so grateful. It’s the little things in life that matter.

My uncle died unexpectedly last week. Nobody saw it coming. He was a great man – the type of guy that you just couldn’t say anything bad about. He was a farmer through and through. Gentle, yet strong. Soft-spoken and kind.

When something unexpected like that happens it makes me stop and reflect about my own life and all I have to be grateful for. Although my life isn’t perfect, there’s a lot that is going right for me. I’m at a school that I love studying something that I love. My grades are good. I’m surrounded by incredible family and friends that love me. I have stability in my life.

Although my running definitely didn’t go as planned this spring, I’m still so thankful to be out there. I’m thankful for my new 10k PR. I’m thankful to not have any injuries holding me back right now. I’m thankful that my brother joined me for part of my run tonight.

Most importantly, I’m thankful to be happy. Good grades and running PR’s are one thing, but what I really want out of my life is to enjoy it and be happy. Thanks Uncle Stan for making me pause and think about the little things in life. After all, those little things are actually pretty big things.

What are you grateful for?


3 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Nice! Our yoga instructor had us touch our thumb to each finger and then had us say (in our heads) our 10 things we’re most grateful for the other day. It was an eye opening exercise for sure.

  2. I, too, am grateful for the essential life lessons that Uncle Stan taught me! My family and my peeps are my greatest source of gratitude and inspiration.

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