Things are looking up!

Guess what? I won a prize!!!! Fellow blogger runnerunderpressure was doing a giveaway for a Sweatyband and I was the lucky winner. Thank you! I looooove pink, and I already broke in the headband. Unfortunately, I got caught in a rainstorm today on my run and returned thoroughly drenched. At least the rain cooled things down so I didn’t have to deal with the heat. We’ve had a fair share of that this summer!


I’m loving the pattern!

Maybe my hair isn't just a boring brown.

hmmm… maybe my hair isn’t just a boring brown.

In other news, I wanted to give you a little heads up about an upcoming race since I know that a lot of people that read my blog are in the Jericho/Underhill area. On Saturday, July 26th MMU will be hosting the first annual Cougar Chase at Mills Riverside Park. All ages and all speeds (runners and walkers) are welcome! It’s a great idea – the girls start 3 minutes before the guys to turn the race into a game of chase. There’s a special grand prize for the top three finishers as well as division and male/female prizes. If you’re around and want to run a fun race then go give it a shot.

Happy Running!


6 thoughts on “Things are looking up!

  1. Sure wish we were near Jericho – would love to join in the race (WALK THAT IS)
    Love the head band – and never thought of your hair just a brown – there is a shine to it – noticed it more so at the wedding. Speaking of – wasn’t that just great fun – the views, the food, dancing and u all looked just beautiful!!! APat

    • I’m with you, I wish I was near Jericho for the race as well! and thanks for the compliment! I guess my hair gets a few highlights in the summer. Yes, the wedding was oh so much fun. I love looking at the views in the pictures. I’ve been missing the mountains!

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