Friday Roundup

We made it to the weekend! Hooray! After a long week of physics classes, running, and more physics I seem to have survived. Apparently you did too since you’re reading this post! Just four more weeks until I don’t have to hear another word about chahges (charges), pahticles (particles), and vectahs (vectors). My current teacher has a very strong Boston accent…

Today started out with me coming within an inch of running straight into a sign. No, I’m not joking. Somehow I managed to do this while running up a hill, so I wasn’t going at full speed. Things could’ve turned out a lot worse if I had been running down the hill. Luckily, all I came away with was a bruised ego. I also met a fellow UVMer at the November Project this morning. What were the chances of that happening? It’s such a small world. Luckily, all was made better after getting some high-fives from two little cuties!



The November Project runs on high fives and hugs!

The November Project runs on high fives and hugs!

To top things off, here are a few of my favorite reads from this week. Check them out!

  • Laurel from “To a 5k and Beyond” wrote a hilarious post about the difficulties of dealing with hair and running. I agree with her that sometimes it is tempting just to shave it all off! Plus, she shares my name so that automatically makes her awesome!
  • Scott from “Piratebobcat” shared a funny discovery about a certain search term someone used to find his blog. It made me take a look at the own search terms you guys have used to find me! None were quite so funny, though.
  • Lauren from “Will Run for Boston” wrote a heartfelt post about her decision to change from the marathon back to the 5k. I appreciate her honesty about her new decision and the insight she shares.
  • Sandra from “So What? I run?” wrote a recap about “The Evolution of Crazy” AKA how she came to love running. It’s a pretty incredible journey, so you should go check it out!

How was your week? Run into any signs lately?


8 thoughts on “Friday Roundup

  1. Haha, thanks for the shout out – I’m really glad you enjoyed my post!
    Y’all look very happy in all the run photos! And I love a good thick Bhaston accent! Be careful on your runs – watch out for those signs!

  2. Thanks for including me! I’m from CT but close enough to NY that I might as well be from there, so I think Boston accents are HILARIOUS! I can’t imagine having to sit through a full course with a teacher with that accent!

    • YEah, sure thing! Yes, I find the accents hilarious as well. I have to remind myself not to smirk or laugh during class since the other students are probably used to it. Plus, probably half the students have the accent themselves!

  3. Oh my, u are so correct-Laurel encounters sign-Laurel won! I also will look at other blogs u mentioned. How many classes remain? Yes it is a small world-that’s a good thing! Enjoy the day sweetie.
    Aunt Pat

  4. Happy weekend to you, too! Glad you survived the week and associated run. 😉 I think it’s a great idea to give shout outs to other runners on your blog; I’ll be sure to have a look at them! =D Thank you for sharing this.

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