Dog Poop and Racing Boats


Yesterday my parents, my dog Samson, and I took a little adventure up to the White Mountains. We wanted to do a short day hike up Mt. Monadnock for fun. My dad and I biked past the entrance on our bike trip and got lunch in Jaffrey a couple weeks back. We thought it would be a fun mountain to hike since it isn’t super far away. So, we packed ourselves some hardy lunches and drove the 2 hours up to the mountain. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned.

After driving into the parking lot and greeting the ranger, he told us that apparently dogs aren’t allowed to hike up this mountain. WTF? Apparently Mt. Monadnock is a very popular hiking spot. He told some story about how in 2008 there were a bunch of dogs that hiked up the mountain and some of the owners didn’t pick up after them, blah, blah, blah. Therefore, no dogs are allowed up this mountain. I’ve never heard of a mountain not being dog friendly, but apparently that’s something I’ll have to research next time I go hiking!

The ranger pointed us in the direction of another trail that was dog-friendly and we headed on over there. We didn’t realize that this other “mountain” wasn’t actually Mt. Monadnock until we got to the top. This other place was Pack Monadnock that only took us an hour to hike up, LOL! There were plenty of people with their dogs on this mountain and many others who shared similar experiences of being turned away from the other mountain.

Nonetheless, we still had a great time! I’ve felt a bit deprived this summer living in a place that doesn’t have those beautiful mountain views. I used to take being able to see Mt. Mansfield and Camels Hump for granted since I grew up with those. Although things didn’t go quite as planned today, it was still loads of fun.


Mom, Samson, and I at the top


Dad, Mom, and Samson


Dad and I on top of the fire tower

unnamed unnamed

On another note, I thought I’d share a funny story with you guys. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m a pretty competitive person. What can I say? It’s hard to run races without that personality characteristic! Although I’m pretty good at hiding it or keeping it under control in situations that don’t need to be competitive, I had a little bit of fun today.

I was doing an easy run on the Charles when all of a sudden this boat starts to pass me. It wasn’t going all that fast, but just a bit faster than my own pace. For whatever stupid reason, I decided to race this boat. Let me just point out that I was definitely at a disadvantage. We were coming up to a curve and in track talk I was in the outside lane WITHOUT a staggered start. This boat probably had no idea that I was trying to race it, but I had a little fun before stopping at a water fountain and reminding myself that I should be taking my easy run easy.

Have you ever raced a boat? Gotten competitive in a stupid situation? Have you gone on any hikes recently?


8 thoughts on “Dog Poop and Racing Boats

  1. I’m with Aubrey. I find myself racing guys who won’t let me pass sometimes and always have to remind myself not to chase ponytails on recovery days. Loving all the pictures with your new Sweaty Band!

    • I hear you, especially about the racing guys part. It makes it more fun to race when the guys have egos! Yes, thanks so much – I love my Sweatyband! I think I’ve been wearing it a bit too much lately, haha.

  2. Sometimes I race the boats too!

    One time, I caught up to a guy and attempted to pass him, but he sped up- a lot. He was clearly going a lot slower than I was, but apparently his ego couldn’t handle a girl passing him. We raced, like really raced, for about a mile until we reached the turnoff for Binney Street (of course this was at the end of my run!). After I finished, Paula Radcliffe’s voice came through my earbuds and said, “Congratulations! You just ran your fastest mile yet!”

    • The boats are fun to race! Glad I’m not the only one that does. 🙂 haha, that’s a great story about the guy. Why does it feel so much better to pass a guy than a girl? There’s something extra fun about girling guys, especially when they have egos!

  3. Crazy about the dogs. It blows when somebody ruins all the fun for everyone.
    Ha, I’m not sure if I’ve raced a boat, but on my run the other day, I did find myself picking up the pace every time I caught up to a stranger..I had to make sure to pass them swiftly and try to put them out of sight in my rear view mirror. Haha, competitive much.

    • Yeah, it’s too bad when someone ruins it for others. I hear you about passing people swiftly. It gets awkward when they’re running at a similar pace. Then I have to think about whether I want to speed it up and pass them or ease back so that I’m not right on their tail. Oh man, runner problems, haha!

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