Bridge and Back 10k Recap


Long story short: 4th woman overall, 1st in age group, 59 second PR, 41:43

This morning I ran in the Bridge and Back 10k in Salem, Mass. My plan was to go out more conservatively and pick it up in the second half. Unfortunately, I went out a little too conservatively as I got stuck behind a group of women and had to dodge my way around them. I seriously need to work on not underestimating where I should line up. This has been a reoccurring theme for me.

My legs felt great today. This week was a bit of a down week for me, which was nice because I’ve been dealing with a tweaky groin. Shout out to me for getting one of the most awkward running injuries! Luckily, it’s just been gradually getting better and I didn’t notice it at all during the race. Once I got to the 3-mile mark I really cranked things up and picked off quite a few people. Towards the end I was definitely longing for the finish line, though. The course had quite a few short turns at the end and I kept thinking the finish line HAD to be on the next road. I guess that’s something to be expected, though, since I hadn’t seen much of the course. Here’s a few pics from today:

running into the finish!

sprinting into the finish! I don’t know what shorts tan you’re talking about. 😉

My thought in this picture: Don't puke, don't puke, don't puke...

My thought in this picture: Don’t puke, don’t puke, don’t puke…

My wonderful supporters: Thanks Mom and Dad!

My wonderful supporters: Thanks, Mom and Dad!


We checked out the cemetery near the finish. It was the oldest one in Salem. Luckily, there appeared to be no runners from the race in there. 😉


a very very old headstone

Thoughts on the Race

Overall, I really enjoyed this race! The course was great. It started in downtown Salem, went out over the Salem/Beverly Bridge, and did a little loop before heading back. The course wasn’t super hilly, but definitely had a few rolling hills, especially going over the bridge. However, sometimes I like that more than pancake flat because it helps to break things up.

There were 3 water stops along the way and a post race party at the Tavern in the Square. Personally, I would’ve liked a different location for the awards as it was very crowded and loud inside. There were probably more people than expected for the race plus there was a chance for thunderstorms around 10:00, so I understand the location. There were some bagels and fruit inside the tavern, but I unfortunately missed the frozen yogurt at the finish. Awww, man! When I came back from my cool down they had run out, but I got a coupon to get some free froyo at Orange Leaf so that makes up for it.

In conclusion, I’m extremely pleased with how my race turned out and am getting really excited for my fall marathon.

Race swag

Race swag


25 thoughts on “Bridge and Back 10k Recap

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      • Good news! It’s not compartment syndrome like they’d thought it was. The pain & numbness I feel is sciatica from a pinched nerve cause by what they’re 89% sure is a herniated disc in the lumbar part of my spine. So that’s fun… But more easily treated than compartment syndrome at least!

        • Oh good!!!! I mean, good but not good. So glad that it’s not compartment syndrome!!!! That’ll hopefully be a lot easier to treat. Any improvement so far?

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! Great job! Congrats!!! You look super fast in the pics! I’ve only been to Salem once, but enjoyed it. I’d love to run on those cobblestone streets!

  4. Your accomplishments make you UNFORGETABLE ……….sounds like the beginning of a song…BRAVO Luv APat and UMark

  5. Laurel, what a great race! First place in your age group, plus a PR. Wow!
    Nice pictures! Great shots of you. Who took them?
    Your parents look so young! I bet they are a lot of fun!
    Anonymous …

    • Thanks so much! My parents took the pictures of me running and I took the rest. Yes, they definitely do look young. I love that picture of them. They really did a great job with the shots! I normally hate pictures of me running, but I like these ones.

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