4 Running Pet Peeves


I love running with other people. There’s something really nice about being able to chat, laugh, and share the pain with friends. Runs go by quicker and are much more entertaining when there’s someone to share them with. However, there are certain things that people do that can get under my skin. To name a few…

The One-Stepper

This is the person that always needs to be a little bit ahead when you’re running together. It doesn’t matter what the pace is. They ALWAYS need to be in front. It doesn’t matter if you speed up to try and run next to them. This is a bad idea because they will just pick up the pace even more to stay that half step in front. The best thing to do is just not engage and let them run that little bit ahead of you.

The Elbower

It doesn’t matter how wide the path is or if the entire road is clear. This person will somehow still find a way to brush elbows with you. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I won’t be paying attention to where I’m running and will accidentally bump into someone. The elbower, though, will continually do it throughout the run. Leave my personal space alone!

The Overachiever

This is the runner that races EVERY. SINGLE. WORKOUT. Easy days? Nahhh. There’s no such thing as recovery. My friend and I used to refer to this as the “freshman syndrome.” Incoming runners in high school often feel the need to prove themselves and always have to be in the front during the warm up, cool down, or easy run. I get it, though. I was that annoying freshman when I started high school. It took me a couple months to realize that not all workouts are meant to be raced.


The Fast Finisher

Speaking of racing runs, this is the runner that needs to finish every run with a good sprint. It starts off gradually about a quarter mile from the end. The cadence just gets a little bit quicker. Then quicker, and quicker. By the time you can see the end they are in a full out sprint.


Don’t worry any of my current running friends. None of you do these things! Thank goodness.

Speaking of running friends, I’m going to visit one of my first running buddies tomorrow! Yippee!!! Ellie, who I ran the Santa 5k with is now in the same state as me, but is unfortunately still 3+ hours away, which means I haven’t been able to see her since May. Our running friendship goes all the way back to 5th grade when we ran Girls on the Run together. We were some of the only girls that actually ran during practice, which meant that we quickly became close friends. We would run around the field, chatting the whole way, until our arms were filled with potholder loops. We then went on to run track, cross-country, and some relays at VCM together.

We’ve shared plenty of hilarious runs, adventure runs, horrible runs, our victories, and our losses together. She’s always there for me and even though we go to college far away from each other, I know I can always give her a call if I need some boy-advice or just someone to rant to. When she got to college, she stuck with the shorter distance races and heptathlon whereas I moved up to the longer distances. I’ll still probably wrangle her into running some of my long run with me on Sunday, though.

Here’s a throwback to when we ran in the Junior Olympics together ~2007. I don’t care that it’s not Thursday, so be quiet. 😉

Junior Olympics 004

So glad we outgrew that awkward braces phase.

What do you think of the running pet peeves? Do you know someone that does these things? To my running friends – do I do anything annoying? Did I miss any?


13 thoughts on “4 Running Pet Peeves

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  3. This is a great list! I also hate the runner coming the other direction that pretends I’m invisible. I’ll wave or say hello and I get nothing in response – I hate that!!

    • Thanks, Jason! Yes, those people are so annoying as well. I get it if we’re on a crowded bike path, but if I’m running on a deserted road and they’re the only runner I’ve seen in a half hour I expect them to at least smile.

    • haha, that’s another good one. Although, I think the chatterbox is a lot less annoying than the other ones. I’m not a big talker, but when those endorphins start going I can turn into a bit of a chatterbox myself!

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  5. My pet peeve is the scientist – someone who analyzes every step, corner, incline, decline, and pace and proceeds to tell you all about it. Just run.

  6. I LOATHE the one-stepper. I have a runner partner who gets as far as 10 steps ahead. Hello?! Were you on this run with me? As a coach I battle the overachiever (and it’s not just freshman) and fast finisher. Have fun with Ellie this weekend! Love the throwback photo.

    • That 10-stepper sounds horrible! I hate when people do that. Yeah, I bet as a coach that must be really annoying. At least when it’s just one of my friends I can be like “not my problem”. and thanks! We’ll have lots of fun I’m sure.

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