Old Friends and New Shoes


This past weekend I went on a little road trip to see my good friend Ellie, who I mentioned in a previous post. We went for a good run on Saturday together and she even joined me for part of my long run on Sunday, which was very helpful. Thanks, girl! We ended by taking a dunk in the stream. So jealous of the swimming hole – sand, not rocks, and deep enough to actually swim in. Of course, I still ended up getting Raynauld’s afterwards. I’m seriously talented. I can get Raynauld’s in August.



my lovely Raynauld’s

I don’t really see the resemblance, but we still got the question, “Are you sisters?” by someone we didn’t know. We’ve been asked this numerous times even though Ellie is almost a half-foot taller than me. One time someone even asked us if we were identical twins. REALLY? Really. We still joke about that time when our names got mixed up at a track banquet. Apparently, “Ellie Cole” is a real person. Anyways, it was so nice to see her. Even if we go months without seeing each other, everything is back to normal when we meet up.

Here are a couple more pics from the weekend:

Ellie hanging with the creepy eyes.

Ellie hanging with the creepy eyes.


I wrote down the directions on my hand for my run and DIDN’T get lost! Success!

When I returned back home today, the new shoes I ordered were waiting for me. Yippee! There’s nothing like going for that first run in new shoes. They’re so bouncy and fresh. I probably made my old shoes last a little too long, so the new ones felt fantastic.


When I’m in marathon training, I go through shoes so quickly. It gets annoying. Although running isn’t that expensive of a sport, most new models of shoes are $100+, which can add up when you’re getting those miles in. I’m now at the point where I know what shoes work for me (Mizuno Wave Riders) and I could care less what model I get. Sure, if I had tons of money I would get the newest model of my favorite shoe with the extra pretty colors, but when the older model works fine I’d rather not spend more.


Here’s my little trick for saving money. Recently, I’ve been buying my shoes off of Ebay. I check to make sure the seller is experienced with good ratings and that the shoes have very little wear according to the pictures. Most orders can be returned if you don’t like them. The most recent shoes I got were described as being worn once or twice before the person realized they were the wrong size and couldn’t return them. I literally bought them for $20.00 including shipping! Booyah! The shoes match the description of only getting one or two runs in. They still have that new shoe smell about them and the details on the tread are very clear. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t want my shoes quite as white, but for $20.00 I’m not going to complain. I barely run on trails, so my shoes don’t get all that dirty. And, NO, I’m not getting paid to say this. Just thought I’d share my little trick with you!

What’s new with you? Do you like going swimming after your runs? Get any new shoes recently?


8 thoughts on “Old Friends and New Shoes

  1. Where was “THE EYE” pic. taken – interesting! Yes your Aunt Pat purchased a new pair of black evening shoes – small wedge – Marshalls-I also look forward to receiving your blogs!

    • It was taken in front of the art museum at my friend’s college. It was a very strange piece of art, haha. Sounds like a cute pair of shoes! Glad you’re enjoying my blog – I always enjoy receiving your comments. 🙂

    • Yep, a special variety for sure. Yeah, Ebay is great! Sometimes I have to watch the shoes and prices, but when a good deal comes up it’s so worth it. I’ll have to check out 6 pm as well- I haven’t used them before.

    • Yeah, it was a great time! hahahaha, no you shouldn’t be scared. Raynauld’s is when the blood vessels (normally in the hands/feet) spasm normally because of cold. I think it was the cold water from the stream in my case. Annoying, slightly painful, but pretty harmless.

  2. Laurel,
    The only other person that I know who writes important messages on her hand is Cousin BJ. Is it something genetic or a learned behavior?

    Keep on blogging. I always enjoy keeping informed!
    For now,

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