Streaking Runners


Since I’ve been living in Boston, I’ve enjoyed running on the Charles because of all the other people. Runners, bikers, walkers, old, young, buff, skinny – all shapes and sizes. The esplanade invites all different types of people. When I get out of my zone and do a little bit of people watching, I realize that there are some really interesting scenes.

The strangest experience happened yesterday morning. I woke up bright and early to run over to the November Project. I refuse to wake up any earlier than 5:40, which means that I throw some clothes on, put in my contacts, stuff some food in my mouth, and run out the door to make it to Summit Ave on time. Therefore, I’m not fully awake until I’ve run a couple miles, which is why I didn’t quite believe what I saw yesterday morning.

As I was running over the Mass Ave Bridge, I was looking at the ramp that leads down to the esplanade. There weren’t a ton of people running that early, but there were a few. All of a sudden I noticed something not quite right. I blinked a couple times because I didn’t quite believe what I was seeing. There appeared to be a guy running… completely naked. Well, unless you count running shoes as clothing.

I didn’t quite believe it and figured he must have some underwear or something on that I just hadn’t noticed. When he got to the top of the ramp, sure enough he took the turn to run in the Cambridge direction towards me. Nope, no he was not wearing any underwear. I quickly averted my eyes and acted like everything was normal. I did NOT want to make eye contact. He was going at a good pace and passed by me within a few moments acting like everything was normal. He would’ve blended right in if he was wearing clothes.

The other runners on the bridge were also acting like everything was completely normal. It would’ve been one thing if it was a Saturday night and there was a guy streaking, but at 6:00 AM on a Friday morning? I was so confused. It makes me wonder if this was an everyday thing that the guy does. There aren’t many people awake that early in the morning and probably not as many police out. Maybe he was just out for his normal run… naked.

I spent the last few miles of my run to Summit Ave questioning if what I saw really happened. Was I dreaming? Did I just imagine that? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I guess I’ll never really know why that guy was streaking. I’m not sure I want to know.

Have you seen any strange sites on your runs recently? Ever seen a runner streaking? Anyone else running on the Charles yesterday morning?


12 thoughts on “Streaking Runners

  1. Hey Laurel, I moved to the countryside – way into the countryside! – and I am running in pure nature and on wild trails now. Obviously you Encounter a lot of strange things in the forests and in the fields with the farmers. But none of that big-city weirdness that these neurotic people display. Be careful! I got attacked by a buzzard. It attacked my head 5 times before I was able to chase it away. But it was just scared and defending its nest.

  2. Haha, sorry to laugh, I’m sure it was uncomfortable, but that is pretty random. Ha, once in college we had some females wanting the right to go topless like guys do (sunbathing, etc). So they marched down the street topless. A guy saw them and didn’t know why they were there, he just thought people were getting naked, so he did and walked with them…until he was arrested.

      • It wasn’t the first time he was busted for it. He just liked to get naked. Funny thing was the paper interviewed his mom and she wasn’t mad that he was naked, she was mad he distracted from the message of the protest. Haha

  3. I’ve never seen any streaking runners around here, except for ~1000 Tufts students every December (of which I was one…). But, even though there were lots of cops, they were only there to make sure everyone was safe. Even at 6am, that guy you saw sure was risking a citation for indecent exposure!

  4. Actually 50 yrs. ago – & many remember – a high school kid (who had a parent on the Board of Ed -) streaked – still chatter about this – then there were a few more at the High School – keep a keen eye on your surroundings kid 7 carry mace!!!!! Luv ya Aunt Pat

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