Runner Problems – Tan Lines

Although I absolutely love running there are a few side effects that come with the territory. Don’t get me wrong – I like most of them. Toned legs, awesome aerobic ability, that endorphin high, etc.

However, there are some unglamorous sides to running as well. As I transitioned to marathon running the list only grew in size. Bruised toenails, blisters, chafing, twice the laundry load of a normal person…

As the summer is officially over, this also means my tan lines are at their worst. Watch tan, sock tan, sports bra tan, shorts tan. I’ve been running for long enough that the tan lines don’t even go away in the winter. If you try and dress me up in normal clothes I look a little ridiculous. Luckily, most of my friends are used to my odd appearance and will only comment on my blaring white feet once in a while.

So, if you want a little laugh on your Friday, here are a few ridiculous pictures of my tan lines. Enjoy.

Watch tan! This is probably my favorite one. I'm actually kinda proud of it.

Watch tan! This is probably my favorite one. I’m actually kinda proud of it.

Sports bra tan. Can't get much more defined than that.

Racerback tan. Can’t get much more defined than that.

Drum roll please.... the sock tan!

Drum roll please…. the sock tan! My foot almost matches my white windowsill.


I guess it could be worse, though. Check out these funny tan lines.


Anyone else rocking some runner tan lines? What’s your most awkward tan line?


8 thoughts on “Runner Problems – Tan Lines

  1. Gotta love those tanning lines.
    I haven’t had a proper running tanning line in awhile, I workout early morning and late at night.
    However, smart me, wore the ktape to the beach earlier this summer, and had that weird line on my legs. I hat to keep wearing tanning oil to even the tone.

    • Oh no – those KT lines are the worst! You normally don’t realize you’re getting tan, but then when you take the tape off there’s an awkward pattern on the skin, haha.

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