Crew Adventures


No, not me. My friend does crew, though! Last weekend she had her first race and absolutely kicked butt. Weather conditions couldn’t have been more hardcore. What started off as a cloudy day ended up downright miserable. It was spitting rain and wind by the time her race started. Also, was perfect weather for my Raynaud’s to act up. Luckily, my friend Rachel and I headed off afterwards to a diner to get a warm pancake breakfast. Perfection.

Rachel and I taking selfies!

Rachel and I taking selfies! (before it started raining)



It’s that time of year. The leaves are all changing color.


I’ve always admired sports that require more skill and technique. Sure, running requires a little – I try to improve upon my form. For the most part, though, running just comes naturally to people. You stand, then walk, and then run. It’s what people do. Smart racing is a skill that has to be honed, but there isn’t a whole lot of hand-eye coordination involved in running. Passing a baton is harder than it looks and requires skill, but distance running? Not that much. Just one foot in front of the other.

I’ve never been great at skillful sports. I played basketball and soccer when I was younger. I wasn’t bad, but wasn’t a standout. If anything, my natural endurance stood out. I could just keep going longer than the other kids. “Suicides” or sprint drills were my favorite because I could outlast most others.

Anyways, it was really cool to see an actual crew race. Sometimes I’d see crew teams out on the Charles this summer, but never an actual race. Good timing, proper technique, and coordination not just on your own, but with others is absolutely critical. When my friend tells me about crew most of the terminology goes right over my head, but I love learning about other sports.

Nice job, Caitlin, on your first race! It was so cool to watch. You did awesome!

Are you good at skillful sports? Ever done crew before or watched a crew race?


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