Regionals and Pumpkin Racing

start of the guy's race

start of the guy’s race

As I’ve been recovering from my marathon and getting back into the groove, there have been a lot of other running-related things to keep me busy. First off, UVM Running Club went to regionals about a week ago. Yay! We haven’t gone since I’ve been at college, but Katie and I decided to make it happen this year.

Although I didn’t race, I had a blast cheering my teammates on. My friend Katie ran  with my bib and ran an awesome race! I figured it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to try and race a 6k less than a week after my marathon… However, being around the whole cross-country atmosphere again made me itch to do some more of those races next year.

I was so proud of all my teammates! For being a self-directed club, I thought everyone did awesome! I’m so proud of all of you! It was a great experience to be able to go and was so much fun. Me, Rachel, Katie, and Becca even ended up hanging out in Boston afterwards. A good time was had by all.


post race

Boston selfies!

Boston selfies!

Found this cute little guy in Boston.

Found this cute little guy

We also successfully hosted a race! Booyah! We held a little 5k on Saturday to benefit the Special Olympics. Despite windy and chilly conditions, the race went pretty well. Sam dressed up like a pumpkin and everyone that ran faster than him won a prize. It was a pretty fun post-Halloween race.

Somehow I ended up being the person that biked out in front of the race to show people which way to go. I was actually kind of nervous about whether or not I could stay ahead of the runners since some of it went through trails and the last mile was up a steep hill. Believe it or not, I find running up hills way easier than biking. That’s probably because I run much more than I bike, but still. Runners have passed me when I’ve biked up from the waterfront. Talk about a blow to the ego! Nonetheless, I didn’t fall and was able to stay ahead.

The pumpkin!

The pumpkin!

Pumpkin race selfies!

Pumpkin race selfies!

Me biking out in front

Me biking out in front

Setting up for the race

Setting up for the race

I have soooooo much more respect for race directors now. There’s a lot of planning and organizing involved. I’m sure it’ll be easier if we do another event like this, but trying to figure things out the first time around was more work than we thought. Thank you so much to all of the people that helped plan/organize/volunteer with the race! You guys rock!

Did you run in any Halloween races? Any upcoming races for you? Ever directed a race before?


8 thoughts on “Regionals and Pumpkin Racing

    • Yeah, it’s soooo much work! I can’t imagine all the work needed to put on a big event like a marathon. Haha, glad I’m not alone on the biking! It’s not my strong suit… especially when it involves mountain biking.

  1. Having organized this one, it would be a shame to let all that experience and learning just get lost in time!! I think you should make it a yearly event and, if I am ever around during those dates, I would even give it a shot — as long as there is lighting after dark (I would have to walk most of it!!) LOL!!!

    • That’s true. It was definitely a good learning experience and I learned some good skills. Next year looks like it’ll be less busy for me, so hopefully it’ll be more manageable. Yes, you should come and join in on the event! You’d have a blast. We even made pumpkin themed baked goods – they were delicious! Love you!

  2. You certainly are a jack-o-lantern (jack -of -all- trades) I know keep my day job! The bike trip You and your Dad did this summer probably helped prepare u for this event. It’s great to always see a smile on your face. You seem to adapt very well from being a country girl to comfortably fitting into the big city life. How is that calculas glass working out? Much love Aunt Pat

    • haha, thanks Aunt Pat! Yeah, the bike trip this summer probably helped. I’m not used to biking on roots/rocks that were on the trail, though. Glad I didn’t crash! Luckily, I don’t have to take a calculus class for my major (thank goodness). The physics class I took this summer worked out pretty well, though. I think it was a good idea for me to take it over the summer. Love you too!

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