What the treadmill seems like to me

As the temperature drops and the daylight hours become fewer, the fact that winter is coming is all too real. As a runner, I’m not ecstatic about the news. Winter means I have to bundle up, that my Raynauld’s will become a daily annoyance, and that there will be those inevitable days that I can’t run outside. Whether it’s because there’s unplowed snow outside or that the sidewalks are covered in a sheet of ice, there will be those days.

I do everything I can to stay outside whenever possible. I’ve run when it’s been in the negatives (Fahrenheit), when it’s been pouring rain, and when the wind is so strong I can’t run in a straight line. However, running in Vermont means that there will be those days – especially if I’m trying to get a quality speed workout in. That’s the reality of weather in this state. I should seriously live somewhere warmer… I love Vermont, but I’m not a fan of the whole 4+month winter thing.

sooooooooo much ice!!!!

Just a little icy….

my lovely Raynauld's

my lovely Raynauld’s

Let me let you in on a little secret of mine. I may be a runner, but I HATE the treadmill. That’s right, H-A-T-E hate the treadmill. I’m completely serious when I say that a 2-mile run on the treadmill feels like the same level of difficulty to me as running outside for 2 hours. No joke. Granted to say, I avoid the treadmill at ALL COSTS.



Luckily, at my school’s gym we have an indoor track. It’s nothing special – kind of old and is only 160 meters around instead of 200 meters, but it’s a track. I prefer running in circles around there compared to staying in one place in a hot crowded gym. It’s not that much different, but I find it a little less boring than the treadmill.

I’ve had running friends that love the treadmill. They’ll pop their headphones on, listen to some good tunes, and be perfectly happy getting their workout in that way. I’m just not wired the same. Every minute spent on there feels like torture to me. That’s why I call it the DREADMILL.

Maybe if I learned some moves from this guy I’d like the treadmill more.

How are you wired? Do you like the treadmill? Hate it? How do you get your runs in during the winter?


20 thoughts on “The DREADMILL

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  2. I HATE the dreadmill. When I lived in Iowa, I preferred the 1/10th mile track at the gym and actually did a 20 mile run there because I didn’t have another option. Fun? No, but I would have ended up in the funny farm with a banana hat had I run on the treadmill that long. I’m with ya!!

    • Wow! 20 miles on the track – that’s a lot of dedication! The longest I’ve gone is 12 and I thought I was going to go crazy. I don’t mind it as much if I’ve got someone to run with. Were you alone or did you have a friend to distract you? There’s no way I could do that on a treadmill though. Glad we’re on the same page!

  3. I can just about tolerate the treadmill but I need a good podcast or some banging tunes to keep my brain from exploding from boredom. I generally won’t run if its less than 20F (I’m a wuss!) or if it’s icy but we can get pretty bad air here in the winter so it’s useful to have a backup. And I totally agree with the microwave minute post!!!!

  4. I’ve run on a treadmill once and would like to never repeat the experience! Can totally relate to that hatred. I think I’m going to recant this winter though, simply due to my even bigger hatred for missed or crappy workouts due to weather. Need to move closer to the city so I can sneak into tracks more often.

    • Glad I’m not alone on the hatred! haha. It’s a pretty miserable experience to say the least. Yeah, although indoor tracks aren’t all that much fine either, they do give some hope for getting a decent workout in when the weather is horrible. Good luck with your winter running!

  5. I loathe the treadmill. I don’t mind running in the cold but there definitely comes a point where the cost/benefit analysis tips in the treadmill’s favor. Icy conditions definitely mean treadmill for me- I’m too accident prone! Netflix is an absolute requirement for me to get through a treadmill run.

    ps- that indoor track always gave me the worst “track hack” of any venue I ever competed in. I wonder if the air in there is extra dry or something…

    • That’s true. I’m not a very graceful person and will normally fall at least once on the ice during the winter. I wish the gym had netflix! Normally I get stuck with an old television show or a soap opera, ugh. Haha, yes the indoor track is really dry. Plus, I learned my freshmen year that apparently some of the track team guys mark their spot in the long jump pit if you know what I mean. That’s why that corner sometimes smells…

  6. Haha, I HATE running in the cold and will definitely not risk injury when it’s icy or slippery out. Which means that I hit the treadmill alot in the winter and I actually don’t mind it! I do have to keep myself occupied though. Just as our bodies don’t stay running at the same exact speed while we run outside, I am constantly adjusting my speed on the treadmill by 0.1 or 0.2 mph increments. While a long run is definitely no fun on the treadmill, speedwork or hillwork can actually fly by. Seriously, an 800’s workout on the treadmill can actually be pretty fun 😀 In fact, because you can adjust the treadmill however you want, I much prefer that to running around a track forever. I don’t know how you do it! Good luck with the winter running! Any plans for a spring marathon yet?

    • That’s good that you like the treadmill! I wish I did. That will come in handy during the winter months. Maybe the reason I can stand the track is because I can normally talk one of my friends into joining me. As long as I’ve got someone to yack to then things aren’t so boring. I don’t think I’m going to run a spring marathon, but definitely a half or two. Vermont City Marathon (there’s a 2-person relay) will probably be one of them. What about you?

  7. The only treadmill I like is the AlterG – I could literally run on that thing all day. However, regular treadmills? I’m rather pull my own toenails out. I will suffer through the pain of cold/wind-induced rosacea and shivering for the first mile before I will voluntarily hop on the treadmill. Even TV doesn’t help. On the elliptical I can go for hours if there’s a good show/movie on in front of me; not so much on the treadmill.

    • Oh yeah, I’ve heard of the AlterG’s, but have never used them. They sound awesome! Haha, I’m with you on the cold. For whatever reason I find the ellipticals a lot less boring than the treadmill – not sure why. I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel when I’m on the treadmill, haha.

  8. I prefer outside running definitely! I find treadmills to be harder on my joints than the roads I run on. If I do opt for a treadmill, I go when I can watch a good tv show – because otherwise I’d be bored out of my mind! I’m just going to have to bundle up this winter and brave the outdoors!

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