Winter Woes

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Winter can be a tough time for runners. The freezing cold, shorter daylight hours, and icy sidewalks don’t make things easy on us. I’m not a fan of the dreadmill to put it lightly as I’ve explained in previous posts and the indoor track makes my calves flare up. I was hoping the New Years spirit would give me some motivation, but things feel like a lot of effort at the moment.

Add on top of that my dear Aunt Snug passing away earlier this week and things have been kind of rough. She fought a brave 5-year battle with cancer, but it still doesn’t seem real. I feel like I should still be able to go over to the house for 4th of July and see her at the end of the table cracking jokes. My family knows how to laugh, and Aunt Snug definitely ranks near the top. It was oftentimes hard for her to be serious about much of anything because she was always laughing.

This is how I'll always remember her. What a bunch of goofballs.

This is how I’ll always remember her. She’s in the second row third from the left with a big grin on her face. What a bunch of goofballs we are. I’m in the pink jelly sandals in the front.

She was patient with me, though. She’d tell me how good my piano playing sounded after plucking away in the living room for hours probably playing the same songs over and over. Or she’d ask me about my running and wish me luck in my next race. I doubt the sport made much sense to her. Heck, most people don’t understand why I run, but she still whole-heartedly supported me.

She probably has the biggest will to live of anyone I know. Even battling stage 4 cancer she didn’t ever want to give up. It just reminds me how precious life is and how privileged I am to have it. All of us come with an expiration date and we don’t always know when that’ll happen, so we have to make the most of it while we’re here.

Aunt Snug, I hope you’re having fun up there playing with your cats and cracking some jokes. I hope it’s warmer up there because right now it’s close to 0 degrees. Rest in peace. I love you.


Rest in Peace, Aunt Snug (left). I love you.