Catching Up


Hey, blogging world! Long time no see. I apologize to my readers that I’ve been absent lately. This past semester was definitely the hardest one yet. I’ve been telling people that it was my “semester from hell” to put it nicely. 17 credits (7 of which were quite difficult), research, being an RA, and president of running club meant I had to make priorities in my life. As a result, academics took up a huge portion of my time and running/blogging had to be put on the backburner. Oh, and remember my no-sickness streak? Well, that was broken as I’ve been sick at least four times since January.

Enough of my sob story, though, because I’ve got some big plans coming up! The first part of my summer is mostly devoted to getting observation hours in for grad school and studying for the GRE, but at the end of the summer I’m going on a big bike trip with my family. I’ll make a separate post on it later, but it’s mainly in the northwest US and southwest part of Canada. It’ll be a trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait. For the trip, we also got a Go Pro to record our adventures. I’ve been having fun experimenting with it and will probably share some videos soon. I plan to blog at various points on the trip and keep you guys updated.


my new Go Pro!

So, what else is new? I’ve run in a few races since I last blogged. I ran the Half Marathon Unplugged in April, which went decently for sub-par training. I also split VCM with my best friend, Ellie, last weekend. Our team was called “The Twins” and we wore matching jerseys. For people that don’t know, we are not actually twins, but people oftentimes mixed us up in high school. The race went pretty well. It was Ellie’s first half and she kicked butt!

Team The Twins

Team The Twins


over halfway through my half

I was on the front page of a calendar, which is definitely one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me! I didn’t even know about it until Sarah texted me. I definitely wasn’t feeling too hot during the race as you can read about in my recap. It was so humid that day I felt like I was swimming instead of running. At least I look alright. Most pictures of me running look a little more like this (2nd below, crossing the finish line of that race).


I’m on a calendar!

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 9.39.29 PM

At the end of the race in just a little pain

Oddly enough, I was also featured in the bulk email VCM sent out to relay teams congratulating them on getting a spot in the lottery. Aubrey and I are coming in strong at the finish. Once again, another not-so-great race for me, but I got a good picture out of it! Apparently I’m talented at looking good when I’m feeling terrible.


me and Aubrey in the email!

My training for the next month will be a mix of running and biking as I’m getting geared up for the bike trip. My aerobic ability is pretty good , but I need to get those different biking muscles ready.

That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to get back into blogging and adding in a video component with the Go Pro. I’ve missed you guys! Let me know what’s new with you! Have you run any races recently? What are your plans for the summer? Ever gone on a bike trip before?