Let the Biking Adventure Begin!

at the airport at 6am

at the airport at 6am


We officially made it to Seattle with all our luggage and bikes intact! It’s hard to believe we won’t see the East Coast for another six weeks. Here is our plan for the trip.

The Plan

Our trip begins in Seattle then loops over onto the Olympic Peninsula. We will then head south along the coast to Florence, Oregon and hopefully see Thor’s Well. Check out a picture of it if you have a chance. Then we will stop by Crater Lake and Eugene, Oregon. I’m determined to run a lap around the track if possible! Then we’ll cross over Idaho into Missoula, Montana where the Adventure Cycling group is located, which helped us to plan out our trip. Then we’ll head north to Glacier National Park, Banff, and Jasper. That’s probably the part I’m most excited for. It has some huge climbs, but sounds gorgeous from what I hear. After that we’ll head southwest to Vancouver. If we have time we might take a ferry to Vancouver Island, but we’ll see. Then it’s back to Seattle to fly back home.

My dad and I will be biking the whole thing and my mom will be driving the support vehicle. We’ll be camping the whole thing unless we splurge for a motel or hotel on a really rainy night.

So, that is our current plan. We might change things along the way – cut some things out, add some things in. Nothing is set in stone beside when we’re flying in and out.

A few highlights along the way;

  • Crater Lake
  • Florence, OR (Thor’s Well)
  • Eugene, OR (aka track town!)
  • Glacier National Park
  • Banff
  • Jasper
  • Vancouver Island (possibly)

Bucket List Items for the Trip

  • See a grizzly bear
  • See a mountain goat
  • Run around part of Crater Lake or bike around it
  • Bike all the way up the Road to the Sun (Glacier National Park)
  • Run around the University of Oregon’s track

I’ll blog as often as possible and will try and make some videos with my new GoPro. If you want to see more current updates then you can check out my instagram where I’ll be posting photos; joyrunner6 or the link is in the right column. Talk to you soon!

GoPro Adventures


GoPro Hero

I’ve loved playing with my new camera! As previously mentioned, I got a GoPro for my birthday; a GoPro Hero to be specific and I’m having so much fun goofing around with it.

The camera itself is very light. I took it along for one of my runs and didn’t use the head strap, instead deciding to just hold it in my hand. I didn’t want to make myself look like a total weirdo! It didn’t feel much heavier than my current GPS watch. Granted, I wouldn’t want to carry it on a longer run, but for an hour or so it didn’t bother me.

The camera is easy to use. It has a “QuikCapture” setting, which means I can just click one button and it turns on and starts filming. If I press it again, then it stops filming and turns off. I chose the entry-level GoPro mainly because it costs less. Plus, I didn’t find the other features of the newer models essential. WiFi, an LCD screen, and more bursts for pictures weren’t a priority for me, especially since this is my first real camera. The GoPro Hero is enough for me at the moment.

It came with a head strap to either attach to a helmet or just wear on my head. I’m not sure I would trust this for the bike trip and plan to get a mount for my handlebars instead. That way it’s right in front of me on the bike and I will be able to see the light to tell if it’s on/off and where the camera is facing.

bike mount

bike mount

For someone that has barely any experience filming and ZERO experience editing film I was pleasantly surprised with how my first video turned out. It definitely isn’t perfect and I know what to change in the future. I have a lot of learning left, but I’m on my way!  Check out the video! Oh, and make sure to watch in 720HD – gotta get the full GoPro experience!


Do you have a GoPro? What’s your experience been like with it?