GoPro Adventures


GoPro Hero

I’ve loved playing with my new camera! As previously mentioned, I got a GoPro for my birthday; a GoPro Hero to be specific and I’m having so much fun goofing around with it.

The camera itself is very light. I took it along for one of my runs and didn’t use the head strap, instead deciding to just hold it in my hand. I didn’t want to make myself look like a total weirdo! It didn’t feel much heavier than my current GPS watch. Granted, I wouldn’t want to carry it on a longer run, but for an hour or so it didn’t bother me.

The camera is easy to use. It has a “QuikCapture” setting, which means I can just click one button and it turns on and starts filming. If I press it again, then it stops filming and turns off. I chose the entry-level GoPro mainly because it costs less. Plus, I didn’t find the other features of the newer models essential. WiFi, an LCD screen, and more bursts for pictures weren’t a priority for me, especially since this is my first real camera. The GoPro Hero is enough for me at the moment.

It came with a head strap to either attach to a helmet or just wear on my head. I’m not sure I would trust this for the bike trip and plan to get a mount for my handlebars instead. That way it’s right in front of me on the bike and I will be able to see the light to tell if it’s on/off and where the camera is facing.

bike mount

bike mount

For someone that has barely any experience filming and ZERO experience editing film I was pleasantly surprised with how my first video turned out. It definitely isn’t perfect and I know what to change in the future. I have a lot of learning left, but I’m on my way!  Check out the video! Oh, and make sure to watch in 720HD – gotta get the full GoPro experience!


Do you have a GoPro? What’s your experience been like with it?


7 thoughts on “GoPro Adventures

  1. Laurel, that was AWESOME!!!! Very creative and sooooo fun to watch the different places you passed on your run! I can’t wait to see the videos you’ll make on your bike trip this summer! Before you go you should take Sam and the GoPro on a run with you to one you those bridges Sam’s afraid of so we can see you carry Sam across the bridge LOL. Love you!

    • Thanks, jus! Glad you liked it. 🙂 omg, yes. That would be great to record Sam. When I took him the other day he actually kind of went across by himself. He was hunched to the ground, but they did it!

  2. Off topic i just saw these guys in concert! But i do have a GoPro there’s endless abilities of things you can do with them. Theyre amazing!

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