Oh Oregon

The last time I talked to you we were in Hoquiam, Washington. Since then we crossed into Oregon to Warrenton, kept going down 101 to Pacific City, Florence, Coos Bay, then veered off towards Crater Lake and back north to Eugene. The days seem to be blending together and yesterday seems like a lifetime ago because every day is so jam-packed with action.

The Oregon coast was absolutely stunning. I would definitely suggest biking highway 101 to other people because it has a wide shoulder, mostly good pavement, and fabulous coastal views. It was like we were in a different country and felt a little sad to say goodbye to the ocean until we get to Vancouver.

beautiful views on 101

beautiful views on 101

Haystack Rock at Canon Beach

Haystack Rock at Canon Beach

Thor's Well in Florence

Thor’s Well in Florence

As we made our way inland we saw some beautiful views of Oregon’s rolling hills and farmlands. Where we’ve biked there has been a major shortage of rain. No campfires are allowed because of the risk of a wildfire happening. I feel bad for the plants, but in terms of biking it has been really nice.

We finally got stuck in the rain. I’m glad for the plants, but it’s not very fun biking in the rain. Instead my mom picked us up from a thunderstorm (thank you!) and we’ve been site seeing instead. It really sucks to bike in the rain and we only have six weeks to make it back to Seattle. If we had unlimited amounts of time then I’m sure we could bike the whole thing, but it’s more important for us to be able to spend time at the places we want to see and be together as a family than feel stressed trying to bike our butts off to the next place.

Our next stop was Crater Lake, which was magnificent. Although it was cloudy, the beauty still shined through. I went for a run on the rim trail without really knowing where it would take me. To my surprise I basically ran up a mountain, which would’ve been hard to begin with, but add in tired biking legs and my first time running at altitude and I’m sure my pace was tortoise-like. It was probably the most stunning run I’ve ever been on, but also the most terrifying because I’m scared of heights. My parents and I then went for a nice hike and right as we got to the top the rain let loose… of course.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Eugene was our next destination and we’ve spent today touring around. We saw Pre’s Rock, which is a memorial where he died in his car crash. People leave all sorts of things like running shoes, bibs, letters, etc. there. I left one of my running hair ties and a letter. Then we went on down to Hayward Field and I actually got a short track workout in before they closed the gates. For people that don’t know, it’s like the Fenway of Track and Field. I’ve seen it so many times on television that it felt unreal to actually be circling around.

Pre's Rock

Pre’s Rock

People leave different things at his memorial

People leave different things at his memorial

running around Hayward Field!

running around Hayward Field!

posing with Bill Bowerman

posing with Bill Bowerman

I’m getting some amazing views on my GoPro that I can’t wait to share with you guys. I don’t think I’ll be able to have time to edit a movie during the trip because we’re so busy, but I’ll have lots of footage by the end that I can’t wait to share with you.

We’ve got some big hill passes coming up as we make our way over to Missoula, Montana, which will be interesting. I’ll post again soon. Happy trails!


2 thoughts on “Oh Oregon

  1. You and your parents are having a trip of a lifetime—enjoy every minute of it and thanks for keeping us up to date. We are living vicariously through you on this trip—some of which brings back great memories. I recall when I first visited Oregon, my reaction was “if I had to move from New England, I could feature living in Oregon!” ENJOY!!! Love and best wishes to you all, Millie

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