8 Weeks Post Op

CT Scan Results: The graft is working beautifully! I saw the scan and it was really interesting. You can see exactly where my popliteal artery becomes blocked and the blood stops flowing. Then you can see the vein graft going around the blocked portion of the artery and it is wide open and working great.

I also had a repeat ultrasound done since the wound is basically all healed up and they could actually look at the popliteal vein. Luckily, it showed that there are no visible blood clots. Woooohoooo!!!!! That means I can also get off Xarelto (blood thinner) and just switch to aspirin now. I still have to wear compression socks, though, which is a pain. At least I’m pretty used to them at this point.

The incision that opened back up is basically closed again. It’s pretty amazing how quickly that healed. When it first opened up it measured 4cm deep into my leg! It’s just scabbed over at the top now. The scar now reminds me kind of a half smile. I had a little fun with making some artwork out of it. I had to figure out some way to laugh at the situation. Yes, I already know I’m weird.

I got cleared to drive again, which has been fantastic. I never realized how much I like being able to drive myself around until I couldn’t do it. The best part is that it doesn’t hurt to drive anymore. My calf used to cramp up when I’d press on the gas/break, which made driving kind of a miserable experience. Now I’ve gone for a 30+ minute drive and my leg felt completely fine. It’s nice to also have some solid proof that the surgery really did work.

I’m now able to walk without a limp. My leg still feels stiff after I’ve been lying down or sitting with my legs bent, but loosens up pretty quickly now. I’ve been able to walk quite a bit and get back over to my favorite trails and bike paths, which has felt great. I’ve been told that I’m walking a lot faster than I did pre-surgery. I can now walk up hills and walk at a decent pace without my calf cramping.

I think my dog, Samson, is excited that I’m more mobile too because it means we can spend more time at the park. I’m an outdoor person at heart, so having to be housebound has been really difficult. Just getting outside and feeling the sunshine always makes me feel better.